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Hair transplantation
Cosmetic injections
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
Laser hair removal
Cosmetic surgeries
Treatment of skin and hair diseases
Hair Transplant
Cosmetic injections

Botox is an injectable drug made of botulinum toxin type A, which temporarily paralyzes muscles.
This property is used in therapeutic and beauty cases.
Botox uses include cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

1. Removing frown lines/forehead and lines around the eyes (crow’s paw)
2. Removing neck wrinkles
3. Raising the corners of the lips and raising the tip of the nose, etc
Among the therapeutic uses, we can mention the time of excessive sweating / drooping eyelids / low muscle damage / migraine and some neurological disorders
The effects of Botox last from three to six months, depending on the individual and previous injections, and it is recommended to do it every six months.
Botox injection is one of the minimally invasive methods of skin rejuvenation, and the duration of the injection lasts 10-20 minutes, and the effect of Botox can be seen in the next two weeks.

1. During breastfeeding/pregnancy
2. Those who have a history of previous sensitivity to Botox
3. People under 18 years old and over 65 years old
4. People with neurological disorders such as MS / and myasthenia gravis
People with coagulation disorders or taking anticoagulant drugs
Botox is a low-risk and safe method if it is performed by a specialist and experienced doctor, and if the injection is done correctly, the possibility of side effects is reduced. In general, the side effects of Botox include: pain and redness, and sometimes bruising at the injection site / drooping eyelids. / Headache and nausea / infection / dry mouth / dry eyes, drooping lips, double vision
Botox injection in SHEED Clinic is performed by a specialist doctor with authentic materials approved by the Ministry of Health.


Fillers are used to fill and restore lost volume.
The first applied filler was fat, followed by bovine collagen, which was short-lived and caused allergic reactions.
Currently, the most used fillers are hyaluronic acid

Fillers are divided into permanent and temporary types based on their shelf life

1. Filling surface wrinkles around the eyes
2. Filling deeper lines (laughter line / frown line)
3. Filling the lost volume of the dimples under the eyes
4. Volume to the lips
5. Face angulation
6. Correcting the shape of the nose

If the gel injection is performed by an expert and certified by the Ministry of Health, it will have minor side effects.
Its complications include: bruising/swelling/short pain/sometimes non-redness and in severe cases, infection and allergic complications.
Filler and gel are among the non-invasive methods, the result of which can be seen immediately after the injection, which, of course, can be judged more after a few days than the final result (after the reduction of swelling).
The durability of fillers varies depending on its type, which varies from 6 months to several years.

For example, hyaluronic acid, which is now widely used, lasts between six months and one year.
Before injecting the gel in the consultation session, you should discuss your expectations with the doctor.
If you are not satisfied with the procedure performed after the injection and the gel used is hyaluronic acid type, its effect can be eliminated by using hyalase injection..

Fat Transfer
Fat Transfer :

Fat is one of the types of filler, which is one of the most effective methods of rejuvenating and volumizing the skin.
Fat injection is considered to be more invasive than gel injection and less invasive than surgical methods, and it lasts longer than hyaluronic acid gel.
In this method, the person’s own body fat is used, and if it is done in a principled way by an expert and experienced doctor, the side effects will be minimal and more lasting.
Its disadvantages include more time for extraction and injection and its higher cost.
In fat injection, fat is taken from the abdomen/thighs/sides by liposuction and after preparation, it is injected into different areas of the face, etc.
Fat injection is used to fill wrinkles such as hollows under the eyes/cheek volume and even to rejuvenate the hands.
Possible side effects of fat injection include allergies to anesthetics, infection in rare cases, and damage to the deep structures of the skin due to the doctor’s lack of skill:
The time of fat injection is long compared to gel and it takes two to three hours and can be done with local anesthesia.
The point to emphasize is that it may need to be repaired and re-injected.

Profhilo :

Profilo injection is one of the new methods of skin rejuvenation. Profhilo gel contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, it increases the consistency of the skin and improves wrinkles and skin laxity.
On the other hand, it moisturizes the skin, which makes the skin clear and fresh.

  • the face
  • Neck
  • the arms
  • hands
  • And the areas of the chest did.
    Profhilo is done in 2 times with an interval of 1 month, which can be repeated according to the characteristics of each person.
Rejuvenation with Jalupro
Rejuvenation with Jalupro :

Jalupro is a mesoglea that is injected into the skin. This drug has the intermediate efficiency of mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid filler injection. As a result, it has a little filling and rejuvenating properties. This mesoglea contains amino acids and hyaluronic acid.
After the injection, we have an increase in the activity of fibroblasts and as a result, an increase in collagen production and elastin production, which reduce fine wrinkles and skin consistency and skin hydration.
The two classic types are for younger people and for preventing aging, and the HMW type contains more hyaluronic acid, suitable for older people and is used to treat dry skin.

  • Increase skin moisture.
  • Increasing collagen production and skin firmness
  • Skin radiance
  • Acne scar healing
Mesotherapy :

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive method of local skin injection through which substances such as: vitamins/enzymes/drugs/hormones are injected into the skin for things like: rejuvenation/fat burning/treatment/removing blemishes.
Among the uses of mesotherapy can be:
1. Using hormones and vitamins to reduce and treat hair loss
2. Injection of substances to treat cellulite and lipolysis
3. To rejuvenate and hydrate the skin of the face and other areas to remove blemishes
Mesotherapy method is a low-cost and low-complication method with a short recovery period and no need for special care.

The results are different in people and the number of sessions depends on the goals of the treatment.

Eyelid cosmetic surgery or blepharoplasty
Eyelid cosmetic surgery or blepharoplasty
Eyelid cosmetic surgery or blepharoplasty:

During this surgery, the set of problems that exist in the eyelid department will be solved. The most important procedure performed in eyelid surgery is to remove eye puffiness and drooping eyelids.
This surgery can be performed on both upper and lower eyelids, and specific problems related to both parts will be solved.
Lower eyelid blepharoplasty:
As the name of lower eyelid surgery or lower eyelid blepharoplasty suggests, this operation is performed on the lower eyelid and is basically done with the aim of removing puffiness under the eyes and removing wrinkles around the eyes.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty:
Upper eyelid surgery is performed for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Usually, some people suffer from high eyelid astigmatism due to aging, which causes disturbances in their vision and reduces their field of vision. With the help of eyelid surgery, this drooping can be removed.
Of course, it goes without saying that drooping eyelids cause drooping and aging of the face, which can be removed with the upper eyelid surgery and make the face rejuvenated and refreshed.

Blepharoplasty surgery, or eyelid cosmetic surgery, is performed both under general anesthesia and under local anesthesia. Therefore, in the first stage of surgery, anesthetic drugs or anesthetics should be used for the person.
After this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions in a special area of ​​the upper eyelid. In order for the surgical site to be unspecified and for the upper eyelid to look more beautiful and natural after surgery, the incision is made on the natural fold of the eye. Then the excess skin of the upper eyelid is cut and separated from the eyelid. Finally, the cut areas are stitched with special threads.

  • Those who have drooping eyelids.
  • Those whose upper eyelid is without natural folds. For example, people whose eyes look like Japanese people.
  • Those who have a lot of excess fat and skin in their upper eyelid due to aging.
  • Those who have many fat bags in their lower eyelids.
  • More important advantages that can be listed for eyelid cosmetic surgery:
    Fix drooping eyelids
  • Remove eye puffiness
  • Removal of excess skin
  • Drainage of fat bags
  • Increasing the field of vision: Some people have reduced their field of vision because they have severe drooping eyelids. Therefore, the field of vision of these people will improve after eyelid surgery.
  • Rejuvenating and beautifying the eyes
    Another advantage of eyelid cosmetic surgery is that it is performed on an outpatient basis, so you do not need to be hospitalized for it.


  • On the first day after surgery, you can use a cold compress to prevent bruising.
  • One week after surgery, see your doctor to remove the stitches.
  • Special ointments are prescribed for the place of wounds, which the client must use regularly according to the order and at the appointed time.
  • In some cases, eye drops are prescribed, which are very effective in reducing eye inflammation. Therefore, use these drops as prescribed by the doctor.
  • The use of antibiotics is also necessary.
  • Using painkillers in cases where pain occurs at the surgical site.
  • The use of drugs that are prescribed to reduce bruising and inflammation around the eyelid.
  • Bathing and washing the face after 24 hours is safe.

Local slimming with Eximia device is one of the new and non-invasive methods that makes the body to be in the right position and excess fat is lost. In this method, there is no need for a surgical blade and the recovery time after the treatment is very short. Local slimming with surface Eximia device. It massages the skin and causes cellulite to disappear. When using Eximia local slimming device, a person must have a healthy diet and a regular exercise program to get the desired result..

This device works as a laser and by producing the required heat and radiation, it can destroy the fat masses around the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It solves and eliminates cellulite. The device has a radio frequency option that also causes fat burning.
The Eximia device helps to lift the skin at the same time, the Eximia device is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

  • People over 20 to 60 years old who are in good health.

  • They should be slightly overweight and have a normal BMI

  • Have a proper diet.

  • Have relatively good physical activity such as walking in the day.

  • Their health status must have been checked in terms of glandular health and they do not have any problems.

  • Have not previously performed weight loss surgery in the desired area.

  • Do not have an addiction to alcohol.

  • Also, it should not be used for pregnant women until 6 months after giving birth.

Working with this device takes place in different stages:
– Local slimming with the device will be accompanied by the diagnosis and preparation of the skin, which means that the permeability of the skin tissues needs to be determined
Skin cleansing is done by microderm.
– The laser of the Oxymia device, which is a combination of laser waves and electroporation, penetrates the surface of the fat cell membrane. This step is very important and is considered the main step to eliminate excess body fat.
– When special laser and electroporation are used, the intracellular metabolism is stimulated and this will reduce the volume of fat cells. Please note that this method does not have any side effects and is considered the most suitable method for reducing body fat and eliminates cellulite. When more oxygen is transferred in the blood vessels, the metabolism increases, and with the increase in the body’s metabolism, fat burning will also be faster. This method causes Skin lifting and firming and elimination of the pregnancy line

RF waves are used to rejuvenate and increase the consistency and stimulation of the skin. This method will reduce wrinkles and remove fat.

To date, no specific side effects have been observed for the local slimming method with eczema. But one of the topics that may concern you is the redness on the skin after using the Eximia device, which is very short-lived and does not cause any problems

RF Fractional Rejuvenation
RF Fractional Rejuvenation :

One of the best techniques for skin rejuvenation and lifting without surgery is that radio waves are used in this method.
The device used has fine needles that enter the skin, and in this way, the radiofrequency waves create heat deep in the skin, and as a result, stimulate the areas of collagen formation, stimulate blood vessels, and cause regeneration and stimulation of fibroblasts.
In each session, the skin is first disinfected, then numbed with topical cream. The duration of each session is 30-40 minutes. Each person has his own cartridge that can be used for several sessions.
After the end of the work, a brief redness of a few hours and also for 24-48 hours, a brief swelling can be seen in the place, which the respected client uses appropriate restorative and sunscreen creams according to the doctor’s recommendation.
The meetings are monthly and based on the needs of each person, 3-6 meetings per year.

  • Skin tightening and laxity treatment
  • Tightening the navel and jaw area
  • Tightening the skin of the neck and décolleté
  • Remove acne scars
  • Helps treat active acne and rosacea
  • Rejuvenation, collagen formation and removal of superficial skin wrinkles
  • Clear skin
  • Shrinking open skin pores and controlling excessive secretion of fat (sebum)
  • Keratopilar treatment (chicken skin)
  • Treatment of excessive sweating of palms and feet or armpits
  • Removal of scars caused by wounds, cuts, trauma, etc.
  • Partial treatment of stretch marks

1. Short recovery period (less than 48 hours) 2. No burning or skin discoloration
3. Can be used on dark skins 4. Can be used in all seasons, even hot season


It is a non-invasive method for lifting, rejuvenating the face and tightening the skin.
The word Hifu stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
These ultrasound waves are the same waves used in ultrasound, with the difference that in HIFU, these waves concentrate energy on the lower layers of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen fibers.
The results can be seen in two ways, fast, which is seen immediately after the completion of hyphotherapy by the person, and delayed, when the lifting is completed within three to six months.
This method is used for people over 30 years old who suffer from mild to moderate skin laxity and can delay the skin aging process
Combined methods such as fat injection along with fractional RF and HIFU can be used in people who have a lot of sagging and do not want to perform lift surgery.

  • smoothing and tightening the skin of the face,
  • Lift the cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids,
  • improving the angle of the jaw line,
  • Tightening of the skin of the neck and groin,
  • Smile line improvement
  • no need for recovery,
  • The short duration of the treatment (about 30-90 minutes),
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be done in all seasons
  • No need to cut or inject
  • The durability of the treatment result is one to two years.
Non-Surgical Lift with endolife
Non-Surgical Lift with endolife:

Endolift is a new rejuvenation method based on diode laser energy with a wavelength of 1470 nm in the infrared spectrum, which can be performed with minimal invasiveness and without the need for anesthesia and local anesthesia.
In this method, a very thin fiber enters the skin and is moved in the space between the deep dermis and the fat tissue, and during the movement, the laser energy is radiated to the deep tissues, this process stimulates collagen production and ultimately causes It reduces skin sagging and tightens it. In addition to stimulating collagen production, the laser light can melt locally accumulated fats.
A very short recovery period and not leaving a scar has made Endolift an alternative to facelift surgery.

Removal of sagging skin and removal of fat and lift in different parts of the body, including the cheeks, cheeks, around it, jaw angle and laugh line, sides and around the navel, arms and inner thighs.
The results can be seen immediately, but the best results can be seen 6 months after endolift and its effect is longer than other methods.
The number of sessions varies from person to person, and many clients achieve the desired result with one endolift session, and in some people, there is a need to repeat the treatment with expert diagnosis.

Thread Lift
Thread Lift:

Thread lift helps in a short period of time without leaving a scar, the skin of the face and neck is stretched, and it is a suitable alternative to face lift surgeries with less invasiveness.
The threads are sterile and can be absorbed into the skin, and the natural collagenization process of the skin is intensified by the effect of thread absorption and helps to stretch and strengthen the skin.
The suitable age is from 25 to 50 years old to remove surface wrinkles of the face and neck skin.
In older age, it can be an alternative to surgery.

  • eyebrow drooping
  • Fix sagging cheeks,
  • reduce lines around the mouth and eyes,
  • Fixing sagging chin
  • Determining the angle of the corner of the jaw and jaw line
  • Create cheek line, neck lift and Its advantages include:
  • Reduce the effects of aging
  • treatment of superficial wrinkles,
  • tightening of facial skin,
  • No Oscars,
  • can be done from an early age,
  • Minimum amount of inflammation and redness after treatment,
  • Short recovery period
  • This method can be used in combination with other beauty methods, such as: RF and microneedling, which help to improve the surface condition and tighten the skin, or in combination with HIFU, which intensifies collagen production and adhesion of the skin to the SMAS layer.
Co2 Fractional
Co2 Fractional :

It is one of the ways of rejuvenating and exfoliating the skin, which is effective on the layers of the epidermis and the dermis at the same time. Thousands of columns of laser rays by destroying the epidermis cause an effect on the pigment cells and by destroying the dermis it causes the reconstruction and production of collagen. The treatment with this method of treatment is done in 3 to 5 sessions and monthly.
After the laser treatment, the skin becomes inflamed and red and takes on a sunburned appearance, and it heals in about two weeks.

  • uv improvement of skin texture and color damaged by radiation
  • Healing scars, acne scars
  • burn site Removing superficial and shallow wrinkles,
  • Stimulating collagen production and preventing premature aging of the skin
  • Improvement of deep wrinkles
  • Improvement of stretch marks
  • Rejuvenating and increasing the consistency and strength of the skin
  • Reducing the size of skin pores
  • Removal of superficial and deep skin lesions and surface moles, keratoses, etc
Microneedling :

Microneedling is a non-invasive and effective method for skin rejuvenation.
A device with fine needles is used, the speed of movement and the depth of penetration can be adjusted depending on the location and complication, by the penetration of the needles into the dermis layer, minor injuries are created, which the body reacts to and starts They repair and regenerate that area and during this process, collagen and elastin are produced.
These holes that are created in the skin are not visible to the naked eye and close within a few hours. During the work, serums or special therapeutic substances are used that enter the skin through the pores and intensify the repair and regeneration of the skin.
Before starting the work, a local anesthetic cream is used to control the pain and thus the procedure
It is completely painless.
Among its advantages, it can be used on all types of skin, and it can be used in all seasons.

  • Reduce skin wrinkles
  • Skin lifting
  • Treatment of acne scars, chicken pox, burns, surgery, etc.
  • Helping to treat stretch marks
  • Help to remove skin spots resistant to treatment
  • Reducing the size of skin pores
  • Lighten the skin
  • One of its advantages is its ability to be used on all types of skin, and to be performed in all seasons, without pain, and its extraordinary effectiveness.
Chemical Peeling
Chemical Peeling:

This method removes dead skin cells and increases its transparency.
In this technique, one or more chemicals are applied to the skin.
Choosing the type of peeling depends on the depth of treatment required.
New skin is replaced after exfoliation, which has less wrinkles and is smoother.

  • Reduction of fine wrinkles
  • Improvement of old scars from acne and surgery….
  • Removing spots / freckles /
  • Help treat subcutaneous acne

It is a method to rejuvenate and beautify the skin and it is basically a mechanical peeling.
In this method, a fine aluminum oxide crystal is placed on the surface of the skin with a regulated pressure and creates a very superficial shave in the damaged upper and old layers of the skin.
At the same time, a suction is performed on the skin, which causes the collection of crystals and the activation of fibroblasts, increasing the flow of blood and lymph and sugary substances necessary for regeneration, repair, etc., and as a result, it restores and refreshes the skin. .
The recommended number of sessions is about 5-10 sessions at first at intervals of 1-2 weeks and then maintenance treatments at intervals of every 3 months to maintain the results.

  • Help remove age spots
  • Removing and cleaning blackheads
  • skin freshness
  • Tightening the skin and reducing fine skin wrinkles
  • Control of skin oil in oily skin
  • Stimulating the activity of glands in dry skin and helping to soften the skin
  • Increasing the depth of penetration and greater effect of drugs
  • Skin lightening
  • Removing superficial scars such as acne scars
  • Improving the appearance of stretch marks
  • uncomplicated
  • painless
  • No need for anesthesia
  • quick
  • A very short recovery

PRP is taken from PLATELET-RICH PLASMA and it is plasma from platelets.
In this method, a person’s blood is taken and the platelets are separated and enriched by special kits and centrifuges and injected in different areas of the body for different applications.
It can be used to stimulate hair growth/rejuvenation/collagenization/reducing wrinkles and scars, as well as various types of wounds (diabetic wounds/bed sores).
PRP is used alone and in combination with other methods such as mesotherapy and…
It has minor side effects such as pain and bruising at the injection site.


Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a non-invasive method in which liquid nitrogen is used to remove skin lesions.
Liquid nitrogen is very cold and creates a temperature of about minus 196 on the surface of the skin, which freezes skin lesions.
Cryotherapy is a simple and relatively cheap method that is performed in two ways: swap or spray.
Among its uses, we can mention the elimination of all kinds of skin warts / all kinds of benign and malignant skin masses / and hypertrophic and keloid treatments.

Its side effects include: brief pain and burning when performed / swelling, redness and sometimes blisters, and in severe cases, if it is performed by a non-specialist and incorrectly, it can leave a scar.
In this method, it may be necessary to repeat the cryotherapy and the number of sessions depends on the type of lesion and the course of recovery, and the intervals of the sessions are about 1 month.


Sclerotherapy is a treatment method to eliminate varicose veins and small spider veins.
Sclerotherapy is one of the least dangerous and easiest ways to treat this disease.
In this method, a sclerosant drug (solution) is injected directly into the vein by a specialist, which causes swelling and inflammation and ultimately the destruction of varicose and spider veins.
To create an effective treatment, the sessions may be repeated and they are done with intervals of 6 to 12 weeks.
The needles used in this method are very delicate and the pain during injection is very low
The injection site may be red/swollen and itchy, which is transient and goes away within a few hours.
Then, in practice, it may be necessary to wear special socks or tie a compression bandage.
It is also necessary to walk after sclerotherapy, although it is not recommended to do heavy sports

Subcision is an outpatient surgery with local anesthesia, in which a sharp instrument is inserted into the skin and causes the release of fibrotic fibers under the scars and wrinkles, and then causes the production of new collagen and their improvement. to be
It is used in the treatment of indented scars/acne/wounds and wrinkles
Subcision is not suitable for people who have a history of hypertrophic scars or chlorosis, or coagulation problems, or who have an active infection

Subcision along with other treatments such as oral/local/laser therapy can play a significant role in removing acne scars.
One of its side effects is swelling and bruising that will disappear in the next few days, and oral antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.
Several treatment sessions may be required


سابسیژن یک عمل جراحی سرپایی با بی حسی موضعی می باشد که در آن با استفاده از یک وسیله نوک تیز وارد پوست شده و باعث آزاد سازی رشته های فیبروتیک در زیر اسکارها و چروک ها می شود و در ادامه باعث تولید کلاژن جدید و بهبود آنها می شود.

در درمان اسکارهای فرورفته / آکنه ها / زخم ها و چروک ها مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد

عمل سابسیژن برای افرادی که سابقه اسکار هایپرتروفیک یا کلروئید دارند یا مشکلات انعقادی و یا مبتلا به عفونت فعال هستند مناسب نیست

سابسیژن در کنار سایر درمانها از جمله  خوراکی/ موضعی / لیزر تراپی می تواند نقش بسزایی در از بین بردن اسکار های آکنه داشته باشد

از عوارض آن : تورم و کبودی می باشد که طی چند روز آینده از بین خواهد رفت و برای جلوگیری از عفونت نیز آنتی بیوتیک خوراکی تجویز می شود

ممکن است نیاز به چندین جلسه درمان وجود داشته باشد

  • درمان اسکار آکنه

  • درمان اسکار آبله مرغان

  • درمان اسکار سایر زخم ها


Cleansing the skin is a very relaxing task, and at the same time that your skin will be saved from daily fatigue and stress with special massages, you will receive special treatment for your skin using skincare devices and materials.
Cleansing, unlike aggressive procedures, does not result in a single session and you must be persistent in it, but the result is lasting and amazing, and eventually you will have skin as clear and smooth as a child’s skin. Therefore, cleaning is considered both a beauty task and an important routine that needs to be done every 28 days.

• Fixing dehydrated and dry skin with deep hydration
• Transparency, brightness, softness and softness
• Lightening of the skin and fading of spots
• Treatment of active acne
• Improvement of boils and scars
• Improvement of open pores
• Improvement of darkness and crow’s feet lines around the eyes
• Helping the consistency and firming of the skin
• Stimulation of collagen production and prevention of the aging process
• Adjusting skin ph
• Control of excessive skin fat
• Evacuation of blackheads
• Help to remove small and fine wrinkles• Uniformity of skin tone

  • Performing the facial by an experienced staff with valid cleaning certificates
  • Use of the most luxurious skin brands in the facial process and diversity in the treatment cabin
  • Providing skin packages to treat all kinds of skin problems
  • Facial vip room with relaxing atmosphere and according to international standards
  • Providing professional head and face massages
  • Beauty therapist support for beauty seekers to get the desired result even after facial sessions and prescribing appropriate home care for them.
Hair Removal Laser
Hair Removal Laser
Hair Removal Laser:

Today, one of the new ways to reduce unwanted body hair is the use of lasers. Currently, the most popular laser used in this field is the Alexandrite laser, which is produced and available by various companies. One of the most efficient and popular of them is the Alexandrite Candela laser device, which is made in the United States and has international FDA approval, which is used to treat excess hair in Shade Clinic.

Its advantages include faster speed and shorter treatment period, as well as having specific series for each patient and less pain due to the strong cooling of the device.


Its advantages include faster speed and shorter treatment period, as well as having specific series for each patient and less pain due to the strong cooling of the device.
The effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on factors such as hair color, skin, hair thickness, device type and operator skill. Shade Clinic has the most experienced operators, and the laser treatment is performed under the constant supervision of the clinic’s dermatologists.

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions
The number of sessions varies between 4 and 8 depending on the person, and the intervals between sessions are 4 to 6 weeks.

Cosmetic surgeries
Buccal Fat Surgery
Buccal Fat Surgery:

In people who have a round face or are overweight; And they are not satisfied with their fat face shape; Surgical removal of cheek fat pads inside the cheeks is a great way to get rid of unwanted facial fat. Buccal fat removal is the best way to get rid of these fats. This is a relatively quick and simple surgery that is performed with local anesthesia. It is a simple and outpatient procedure that is performed in one day. The purpose of this surgery is to remove the fat tissue inside the mouth, to reveal the cheek protrusion and the angulation of the jaw, which is caused by the hollowing of the lip.
It is done by making a small incision inside the mouth on the inner side of the cheeks. In this surgery, excess buccal facial fat is removed through the mouth, then the cut area inside the mouth is repaired with previously absorbed sutures.

جراحی غبغب
جراحی غبغب:

استفاده از لیپوماتیک برای کوچک کردن غبغب بسیار پرطرفدار است از آنجایی که این
روش هیچ گونه آثار زخمی روی بدن فرد بر جای نمی گذارد و ظاهری طبیعی به صورت فرد می بخشد، به روش درمانی محبوبی تبدیل شده است . این عمل در مدت زمان کوتاهی با استفاده از بی حسی موضعی انجام شده و فرد پس از مدت زمان کوتاهی بهبود پیدا می کند.افرادی که با مشکل غبغب مواجه هستند میتوانند عمل لیپوساکشن غبغب را انجام دهند. در لیپوساکشن غبغب علاوه بر رفع چربی اضافی زیر چانه، پوست و چربیهای اضافی ناحیه گردن که دچار افتادگی شده نیز برداشته میشود.

کاندید مناسب جراحی غبغب

افرادی که به هر دلیلی با چربی، افتادگی و پوست اضافه در ناحیه غبغب خود هستند می توانند کاندید مناسبی برای جراحی غبغب باشند.

عموما برای ایجاد غبغب 3 علت وجود دارد:1- غبغب ژنتیکی و ارثی2- افزایش سن و شل شدگی پوست گردن و عضلاتش3- چاقی مفرط که حتی در بسیاری از موارد پس از کاهش وزن هم از بین نمی روند و به اصطلاح چربی های مقاوم هستند

در حین عمل شما بیهوش نمی شوید و لازم نیست عوارض بیهوشی عمومی را تحمل کنید.پزشک سپس چند برش در ناحیه ساب منتال (زیر چانه) و ساب مندیبولار (زیر فک) ایجاد میکند و آنگاه بر اساس شلی و سفتی و به اصطلاح الاستیسیته ی پوست منطقه تصمیم می گیرد با چه تکنیکی عمل را انجام دهد.

آیا درمان‌ غبغب دائمی‌ برگشت پذیر است؟

اگر غبغب در اثر عقب بودن فک یا کوچک بودن چانه ایجاد شده باشد و اصلاح‌های لازم انجام شود، برگشت‌پذیر نیست. اگر هم غبغب در اثر تجمع بافت چربی ایجاد شده باشد، با برداشت بافت چربی، امکان عود کم است ولی اگر در اثر کهولت سن به وجود آمده باشد، حتی در صورت درمان، با گذشت زمان امکان برگشت مجدد دارد و این اجتناب‌ناپذیر است.

کبودی زیر چانه، تورم در محل غبغب، بی حسی ناحیه عمل شده و عفونت از عوارض احتمالی این عمل می باشد.

Otoplasty :

Another name for Bell ear surgery is otoplasty surgery, which refers to solving problems and defects in the ears.
Bell ears are ears that are very large and are far from the surface of the head. In fact, they are very visible from the front and create an ugly appearance around people’s faces.
Bell’s ear surgery can be performed on both adults and children. And within one to two hours, measures are taken to shrink the ears and to eliminate their excessive protrusion.
Bell ear surgery method
First of all, you should know that doctors use topical anesthesia or general anesthesia to perform ear surgery. This is done to eliminate the patient’s pain and discomfort during surgery. Of course, you should keep in mind that in most cases, adults use local anesthesia and children use general anesthesia. Because children may move during surgery and disturb the operation.
Performing cosmetic surgery for the ear is considered an outpatient treatment, and the patient can return home after the procedure.
What is the right age for ear surgery ?
These days, the recommendation of doctors is that children should be able to perform this beauty and treatment procedure even before entering school and entering a large society like school.
One of the advantages of having surgery at a young age is that children are not ridiculed by their peers at school and are not psychologically pressured.
Reducing mental pressure and preventing the loss of self-confidence in children is the most important reason that doctors advise parents to operate their children as soon as possible.

Face and neck lift
Face and neck lift :

As part of the aging process that happens to everyone sooner or later, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and the muscles tend to relax. It is easy to see the effects of daily life stress, earth’s gravity and exposure to the sun on people’s faces. With the passage of time and age, the wrinkles and smile lines become deeper, the corners of the mouth sink, and the jaws, jaw line, and neck skin also become loose. Around the eyes and eyebrows, the skin of the eyelids becomes loose and wrinkled.
Also, severe weight loss can make the face look old and droopy. The amount of sagging and wrinkles on the skin of the face does not mean that the person is mentally old and worn out, but sometimes this thought may occur in people’s minds.

The first signs of wrinkles in the skin can be seen around the lips, in the outer corners of the eyes and expression lines. The rate at which this happens varies from person to person and is probably determined by the individual’s genes. Since aging facial skin does not necessarily indicate that the rest of the body and mind are also aging, many people feel frustrated. Because the face they see in the mirror is not what they want. Also, significant weight loss can cause changes in the appearance of the face that make the face look old
Face lift surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery to tighten and tighten loose skin on the face and under the eyes. Also, in neck lift surgery, the skin of the neck is tightened and pulled up, wrinkles and skin laxity are eliminated in this surgery.

What age is face and neck lift suitable for?
Most of the people who undergo face and neck lift surgery live in their 40s to 60s, because it is at this age that the skin of the face and neck begins to sag and wrinkle. But it should be noted that this cosmetic surgery can also be performed on older people, including people in their 70s or 80s.

Eyebrow Lift
Eyebrow Lift :

Eyebrow lift is a cosmetic surgery to correct the loss of elasticity of soft tissue in the upper third of the face. Excessive sagging of the skin around the forehead, which causes drooping (ptosis) of the eyebrows and forehead wrinkles, is resolved by repositioning the underlying muscle and tissue. This surgery creates a fresh and younger appearance in the upper face area.
Endoscopy is a procedure that is performed by making an incision above the temple where the hair has grown. This surgery is performed using a flexible tube that has a camera and surgical instruments. The surgeon releases the skin and tissue under the skin, muscles, and all adhesions with a special camera, under direct vision, and lifting is performed while preserving the vital vessels and nerves.
This method is less invasive than other eyebrow lifting methods and has a shorter recovery period than other methods.
The loss of the elasticity of the forehead skin due to genetics, damage from the sun and the gravity of the earth causes the eyebrow to droop, as a result the upper eyelid droops and an unpleasant appearance will occur.
Aging causes a decrease in subcutaneous fat, which also leads to forehead wrinkles
In what cases is endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery performed?
* Looking old (patients may worry that they look tired, surprised, worried, sullen or annoyed and look older than their actual age)
Eyebrow drooping (patients may feel uncomfortable due to drooping eyebrow tissue and their field of vision may also decrease. If the amount of eyebrow drooping is high, patients should undergo blepharoplasty surgery.)

What are the complications of endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery?
Endoscopic eyebrow surgery is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, and complications from this procedure are rare.

  • Removing forehead wrinkles
  • Raising eyebrows
  • Improving eyebrow symmetry
  • Changing the shape of the eyebrow
  • Reducing muscle function that causes eyebrow wrinkles
Abdominoplasty :

It is a method that is associated with the removal of excess skin, scars, stretch marks and fat from the abdominal area, which is the result of tightening and stretching of the abdominal muscles.
In this surgical method, stretch marks (skin cracks) are cut or stretched and make these lines appear smaller. In abdominoplasty, no scars will be created around the navel.
Loosening of the skin is seen especially in women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Also, if a person is overweight, the skin is stretched and sagging in the abdomen. Stretching of the abdominal skin is normal, but after weight loss or the birth of a baby, it may not return to its original state.
This condition does not go away with exercise or the use of various creams, and in fact, no matter how much you sit or do heavy exercises, you cannot lift the abdominal skin. In this situation, you need help from abdominoplasty surgery.
Abdominoplasty surgery causes many changes in the appearance, it will increase the level of self-confidence and improve the quality of life.

An incision is made along the length of the body from one end of the thigh to the other and around the navel, and then the excess skin and fat is removed from the upper part of the pubic hair to below the navel, and finally the muscles above and below the navel will be stretched and the skin will be placed on the position. The stomach is stretched.

In this surgical method, a smaller amount of fat and excess skin is removed from the lower abdomen, and only a horizontal scar will be seen above the pubic hair growth line. In some cases, the muscles are also stretched.

  • The patient can get out of bed on the same day of surgery and after two weeks, he will be able to do light activities. Six weeks after surgery, light exercise will be possible. But note that you should avoid doing intense physical activities for ten to twelve weeks.
  • You should avoid lifting heavy objects or having sex for several weeks.
  • Depending on the type of work, many patients can return to work three to four weeks after surgery.
  • Sutures should be taken care of and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The patient should have a healthy and balanced diet after surgery to help speed up the recovery process.

Abdominal skin may look very tight and stretched after surgery. It usually takes six weeks to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the abdomen and determine the new shape of the abdomen.
Sometimes the sensitivity of the abdomen may decrease after surgery, but there is nothing to worry about
The situation will be resolved over time.
If you see signs of infection such as skin discoloration, discharge from the sutures, redness and inflammation of the sutures
Be sure to inform the doctor.

Sudden weight loss occurs. The hairs become significantly sparse and thin, but this type of shedding is temporary and stops after the stress factor is completely removed and the body’s nutrients are compensated and the body reaches a state of relaxation (which may last for 6 months) and the hairs become less. They slowly start to grow again.

Breast Prosthesis
Breast Prosthesis :

Breast prosthesis, which is known as a suitable method to enlarge the breasts, is done by creating a gap in the breast and placing the prosthesis inside the breast tissue. Breast prosthesis has very satisfactory results, which can be associated with self-confidence and a very high sense of satisfaction for the applicant. In fact, breast prosthesis is suitable for shaping and raising the breast and will be more effective and lasting than non-surgical methods. Some women have small breasts due to genetic issues, and others due to breastfeeding, severe weight loss, cancer and other factors cause breast sagging and asymmetry.
In such a situation, the only solution to enlarge the breast and make the breasts shapelier is breast prosthesis or implants.
Breast prosthesis is very similar to the natural breast tissue of women.
There are different types of breast prosthesis in terms of gender and materials used for its production:
* Salt water prosthesis
* Silicone prosthesis

Depending on their quality and gender, breast prostheses last between 7 and 12 years on average, if higher quality samples are used, the shelf life will increase up to 20 years or lifetime.
The best plastic surgeons recommend that a breast examination be performed by a relevant surgeon every ten years, so that if the prostheses need to be replaced, do this.

Regarding the possibility of pregnancy after breast augmentation surgery, it should be said that there will be no problem for the person. In such people, like normal people who become pregnant, during pregnancy, their breasts become bigger and the skin of the breasts becomes more stretched, which after the end of breastfeeding, the breast tissue returns to its previous state, and in principle, there is no problem with the breast prosthesis and its shape.

There are many women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, but because of the fear of the possibility of breast cancer after breast prosthesis surgery, they refrain from this procedure. But according to experts, there is no connection between breast cancer and breast implants

Rhinoplasty :

Rhinoplasty is basically a surgical procedure to change the structure of the nose, which can be done to improve the function or aesthetics of the nose.
There are several reasons for a person to choose rhinoplasty. Allergies, nasal injuries, or congenital malformation of the nasal septum can cause nasal airway obstruction. People choose cosmetic rhinoplasty due to injury or dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose.

This surgery is often performed under general anesthesia, but it can also be performed under local anesthesia
Rhinoplasty procedures
Rhinoplasty can be performed with two main methods, open and closed
Open nose surgery: in this method, the skin on the nose is removed and the bone and cartilage are shaped and trimmed.
Closed nose surgery: In this method, most of the incisions are made on the inner part of the nose and the nasal septum is not cut. The opacity of the nostrils in this method is more than the open method because the surgeon does not have a full view.

The right age for rhinoplasty
The best time to perform natural nose surgery is after puberty and between 18 and 50 years old

  • Changing the shape and size of a large and asymmetrical nose
  • Improving the appearance of the nose
  • Changing the position of the tip of the nose
  • Removing the hump and straightening the nose arch
  • Healing of nasal bone fractures
  • Repair of the nose that has already been operated
  • Changing the angle of the nose and mouth

Among the factors that affect natural nose surgery, we can mention the type of skin and its thickness, the type of nose (meaty, bony, humpback) and post-surgery care. In general, the nose is sensitive and swollen after surgery, and sometimes this swelling is so much that the nose looks bigger than its previous state. So try to be patient during this time and wait for at least 6 months to a year to get a favorable result.

Lipomatic :

It is one of the new methods that are performed with the aim of eliminating and draining body fat In the lipomatic procedure, there is no news of gross unevenness in the fat, severe damage to the tissue, as well as problems such as a high risk of embolism.
By using lipomatics, which is one of the best methods of body sculpting, you can turn people’s dream and desired body into reality.
Abdominal lipomatics uses advanced and specialized devices to break the fatty tissue under the skin and remove fat from the body in the best way. Another name is lipomatic, body contouring or body sculpting Lipomatics is one of the beauty methods that can simultaneously remove the fat accumulated in the abdomen through advanced suction and vibration devices, and in return for this work, you will receive a smooth body and one hand with firm and firm skin. to give Through very small incisions made in the abdomen, the size of which reaches 3 mm, the cannulas in the lipomatic machine can separate the fat inside the abdomen from its wall with a vibrating operation, and at the same time, through these tubes, and the suction device is directed into a glass chamber outside the abdomen. For this purpose, impurities such as blood and water may be transferred into the device along with fats. As the fats are removed, the skin of the body sticks to the abdominal organs and gets its firm state.
Body contouring with the new Lipomatic method is a non-invasive method that is performed completely locally without the need for an operating room, surgical blade, and general anesthesia without any side effects.

  •  People who are not overweight.
  • People who have local obesity.
  • People who have uneven fat and cellulite.
  • People who do not have a specific disease.
  • People who are interested in changing their body shape.
  • People who for any reason are not able to exercise and diet to reduce fat in a certain area.

People who are overweight for any reason are not suitable candidates for using the lipomatic method; Because removing a large amount of fat in this way is not recommended at all People who have problems with wound healing due to diabetes or have anemia are also not good candidates for using lipomatics.

1. Reduction of fat cells in a specific area such as the abdomen
2. Creating smooth and uniform skin in the abdominal muscles
3. Not accompanied by pain and bleeding
4. Shaping loose and sagging skin
5. Not using anesthesia before body sculpting
6. Liposuction performed on an outpatient basis without hospitalization
7. Fast recovery period after lipomatics

Treatment of skin and hair diseases
Treatment of skin and hair diseases
درمان بیماری های پوست و مو:

در کلینیک تخصصی شید با حضور همه روزه پزشکان متخصص پوست ومو ،علاوه بر خدمات زیبایی، درمان انواع بیماریهای پوست ومو از جمله انواع ریزش مو، انواع بیماریهای پوست ، انواع لک، حساسیت های پوستی ، نمونه برداری ، جراحی انواع ضایعات پوستی و غیره صورت می گیرد.